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Security systems

Burglar alarms:

or peace of mind or for insurance purposes you may be inclined to have a security system installed in the form of a burglar alarm, thus protecting your property from intruders or to act as a deterrent.This would also entitle you to a discount on contents insurance. It would be a high quality installation where wires would be hidden. The alarm could be audible or communicated to the owner or keyholder through the use of a speech dialler that will notify the recipient on a combination of several telephone numbers.


Closed circuit television acts a great deterrent and can provide invaluable video footage of criminal offences on or near your property, both exterior and interior, or even covertly via digital colour cameras which can be viewed and recorded from a monitor/multiplexer system - these days you can even monitor via your mobile phone!

This is a relatively expensive option due to the high cost of equipment/materials.

Door entry systems or access control:

For the authorisation and regulation of personnel entering and leaving a building you may want a system enabled by means of a security code or fob (proximity reader) This will secure your property at all times and will enable you to prevent unauthorised access and to view a log of authorised persons.

Security Lighting, Outdoor Lighting and Emergency Lighting:

Flood lights are a great security measure to act as a deterrent and warn off trespassers as well as generally brightening a large area. Corridors and passages may need to be lit to enable easy access to your property and so aesthetically pleasing exterior lights can be installed for this.

Fire and smoke alarm systems:

Whether a complete fire alarm system is required or just several smoke detectors (in a domestic property), this can be achieved by means of an extra-low voltage or low voltage system which can even be installed in corporation with a burglar alarm. Fire detectors can also be installed as a dual unit incorporating carbon monoxide sensors.

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