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    Domestic and commercial properties alike, we will install everything from scratch, just contact us now for a quote.

    Remedial or fault finding:

    If a circuit breaker is nuisance, with constant tripping, then there is obviously a fault which must be urgently rectified to allow safe and full function of the electrical system. This can only be accomplished by way of inspection and testing to diagnose the problem and correct it.

    Periodic inspection, testing and reporting/certification:

    Domestic properties require inspection every 5 years or at every change in occupancy (if rented) so periodic inspection reports or “PIR” can be carried out and completed, usually in one day. The intervals between inspections vary depending on the type and use of property. New installations need initial verification to issue a certificate.

    Every maintenance schedule is different but bear in mind that it is advisable to have regular maintenance on either domestic or commercial properties or on a change of occupancy to declare a safe and fully functioning electrical system.

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